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Sehore district tops in MP for running primary school hostels

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Sehore district tops in MP for running primary school hostels Madhya Pradesh 6 min read

Sehore district stood first in the ranking of hostels run for primary education for the session 2022-23 was released in a program organized by the State Education Center of the School Education Department. 

  • Sehore district stood first in the state, while Raisen and Dewas stood second and third. 
  • In metropolitan cities, Indore got ninth position, Bhopal got 12th position, while Gwalior got 21st position and Jabalpur got 33rd position. 
  • The hostel of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya of village Johat in Alirajpur district has been selected as the best hostel in the state.

Objective of the ranking

Director of State Education Center Dhanaraju S said that improving the educational performance of hostels is the priority of the government.

  • The main objective of developing this ranking system is to generate healthy competition for better arrangements for teaching and learning in hostels along with residential facilities.
  • Ranking Preparation
  • Dhanaraju S said that the ranking has been released on the parameters of performance and efficiency of hostels. 
  • Ranking includes 20 marks for efficiency of approved hostels, 20 marks for enrollment on approved seats, 20 marks for performance in National Means cum Merit Scholarship for hostel children, 20 marks for performance in Olympiad and 20 marks for annual examination results have been determined. In this way, this ranking has been prepared in total 100 points.

Ranking of Hostels 

The hostel of Kasturba Gandhi Girls School of village Johat in Alirajpur district has topped. NSCB Girls Hostel of Karnavad village of Dewas got second position and the hostel of Kasturba Gandhi Girls' School located in Phanda, Bhopal got third position.

About Sehore District

Sehore stands in the foothills of Vindhyachal Range in the middle of Malwa region. Sehore has a long and glorious past. Shaiva , Shakta, Jain, Vaishnav, Budhists and Nath priests made Sehore a significant seat of their deep meditation. 

  • After the formation of Madhya Pradesh, the state capital Bhopal was a part of the Sehore district. It was bifurcated in 1972 and a new district Bhopal was formed.
  • Ancient records indicate that Maharshi Patanjali, the illustrious founder of the Yoga sect, also spent some time here in prayers & worship . 
  • Sehore has so many temples, Mathas, Shrines, Mosques, Churches of great historical and religious antiquity. In that sense, Sehore boasts of its glorious tradition of communal harmony and homogeneous culture.
  • History: Sehore has been an integral part of Awanti. Later on it was under the tutelage of the Magadh dynasty, Chandragupta Ist, Harshavardhan, Ashoka the great, Raja Bhoj, Peshwa chiefs, Rani Kamlawati and the Nawabs of Bhopal dynasty. 
    • Sehore played a crucial role in the freedom movement of India (1857 movement) . “Nishan-e- Mahaviri and Nishan -e- Mohammadi” remained furling in the place of the Union Jack. 
    • That short phase of independence from the British clutches ended, when Sir Hurose and Robert Hamilton crushed the uprising by putting 354 patriots to the gallows and gunning down 149 sepoys. Nawabs of Bhopal remained always loyal to the British. That caused heavily to the efforts of the patriots in order to flush out the British from Sehore.
  • Geography: Narmada , Parwati, Dudhi, Newaj, Kolar, Papnas, Kulans, Seewan, Lotia, and other rivers tell the sad tale of their lost splendor in the form of scattered idols.
  • Sehore has got the honor of its achievement in the field of academics and literature. Lanciet Likinson, the political agent, established the first English translation of ” Abhigyan Shakuntalam ” in 1835- 40.


Answer: Sehore district

Answer: Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

Answer: Dhanaraju S

Answer: Sehore
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