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North India's 1st Government Homeopathic College will be set up in J&K

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 11-03-2024
North India's 1st Government Homeopathic College will be set up in J&K Place in News 3 min read

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology, has announced that the first government homeopathic college in North India will be established in the Jasrota area of Kathua district in Jammu and Kashmir. The college will be centrally funded and will cost around Rs 80 crore.

About Government Homeopathic College 

The Government Homeopathic College will be situated on a sprawling 8-acre plot, and there is potential to expand on the adjacent 3-acre land in the future. The blueprint consists of a hospital complex, college campus, administrative unit, and separate dormitories for male and female pupils. The remaining outdoor area will be earmarked for the creation of additional facilities such as an auditorium and playground at a later date.


  • The availability of a Homeopathy degree program in North India has been a tremendous benefit to aspiring students, as it was previously unavailable. 
  • Additionally, the program offers affordable treatment options for patients in need. 
  • By combining the practices of allopathic medicine with Ayush streams such as Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, and naturopathy, traditional Indian methods of medicine have been further validated in the wake of the Covid pandemic. 
  • With the recent establishment of a government Homoeopathic College in Kathua, the region is poised to become an integrated and cost-effective healthcare hub for North India in the future.

About Homeopathy

An alternative approach to healthcare, based on the belief that natural substances, when prepared in a specific way and administered in small amounts, can aid in restoring health.

Examples of homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines can be made from various sources such as plants (for example, belladonna, arnica, and chamomile), animal products (such as sepia or squid ink, and lachesis or snake venom),  minerals (like mercury and sulphur), and, less commonly, biochemical substances like histamine or human growth factor.

Inventor of homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) founded it. He grew up in Meissen, Germany and got his medical degree from Erlangen in 1779


Answer: J&K

Answer: Kathua

Answer: Samuel Hahnemann

Answer: Germany
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