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India's 1st Battery Energy Storage GigaFactory will be Launched in J&K

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 21-03-2024
India's 1st Battery Energy Storage GigaFactory will be Launched in J&K Energy 4 min read

GoodEnough Energy is currently in the planning stages of building the largest Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Gigafactory in India. 

  • The main goal of the factory is to ensure stability of the power grid. Initially, the factory will have a capacity of 7GWh, which will increase to 20 GWh by 2027.
  • GoodEnough Energy is India's leading manufacturer of Battery Energy Storage Systems. Their BESS Gigafactory in J&K produces advanced battery energy storage systems that aim to reduce carbon emissions and empower industries in achieving their green targets. 

Importance of GigaFactory

  • GoodEnough Energy aims to support India's goal of achieving Net-Zero emissions. 
  • It plans on achieving this by providing their services to various industries that have high CO2 emissions, such as Molding Industries, automation, mining, hospitals, refineries, Malls, and shopping complexes. 
  • With their technology, they can store 7GWH of annual storage capacity, leading to a reduction of over 5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in a year. 
  • GoodEnough Energy's Gigafactory is India's largest Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) factory. It will create job opportunities for over 100 SMEs as vendors and suppliers and will boost job generation in the J&K region. 
  • The factory has an initial capacity of 7GWH annual storage, which aims to reduce over 5 million tonnes of CO2 in a year, with 2 cycles every day. This is equivalent to the Indian Railway's annual carbon reduction target of 4 million tonnes.
  • The company is addressing the escalating power demand for EV fast charging stations through its range of BESS offerings.
  • With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, the need for fast charging facilities is growing. 
  • GoodEnough Energy's BESS technologies enable fast charging in such locations, meeting the increasing demand effectively. These solutions seamlessly integrate solar energy, further enhancing their efficiency and sustainability. 
  • The company's BESS offerings also incorporate smart functionalities such as time shifting and peak shaving. Users can store energy during off-peak hours to reduce costs and minimize demand charges.

About GoodEnough Energy: 

  • GoodEnough Energy is a leading manufacturer of Battery Energy Storage Systems in India. It offers energy backup solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional use. 
  • The company is famous for its advanced and modular Energy Storage solutions, which are designed to meet the increasing demand for energy storage and accelerate the transition to green energy. 
  • GoodEnough Energy has a world-class R&D facility in Greater Noida and aims to create a robust ecosystem for BESS technologies in India.


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