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Hastinapur Sanctuary is Now State Wildlife Barasingha Sanctuary

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 23-01-2024
Hastinapur Sanctuary is Now State Wildlife Barasingha Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh 4 min read

The name of Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary has been changed to State WildLife Barasingha Sanctuary. Its boundary has already been reconstituted and now work is underway on the formation of the Eco Sensitive Zone.

Its boundaries are spread in Meerut, Bijnor, Amroha, Muzaffarnagar, Hapur. Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary was first notified in 1986. It was renamed on 11 June 2023. The famous Haiderpur Wetland, a Ramsar Site is also located here.

About Barasingha 

  • The Barasingha (Rucervus duvaucelii ), also called swamp deer, is a deer species distributed in the Indian subcontinent. 
  • Populations in northern and central India are fragmented, and two isolated populations occur in southwestern Nepal. It has been extirpated in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and its presence is uncertain in Bhutan.
  • IUCN status: Vulnerable

Hastinapur WildLife Sanctuary

  • The Hastinapur WildLife Sanctuary, lies alongside the Northern tip of the River Ganga, flowing through the districts of Muzaffarnagar and Bijnor. 
  • The older route of the River Ganga , which is now just a swampy area, is well known for the inhabitation of the Twelve – Horned Deers or the "Baara Singha '' as famously known. The now defunct route / region of the Ganga is also known as "Boodhi Ganga'' region [Region of Old Lady Ganga].
  • The region is home to the State animal –Swamp Deer, in addition Hog Deer, Cheetal and Sambar are also found. The State Bird, The Saaras [Crane] also finds sanctuary in the region. Pythons are found in numbers in the area.
  • Crocodiles are abundant in the River Ganga and can be seen basking in the Sun quite often during winter months. Turtles also inhabit the Ganga River and are home to many varieties of the amphibian. Playful Ganga Dolphins are an attractive sight on the stretch between the Barrage at Bijnor to Brajghat in Hapur district.
  • Under Crocodile Breeding Projects, baby crocodiles are released in the Ganga River near Hastinapur. Under the aegis of WWF, the Turtle Rehabilitation Program also has its centre near the Hastinapur Sanctuary. 
  • Migratory Birds, both local and foreign flock in numbers near the numerous water bodies present in the region. The Hastinapur WildLife Sanctuary is a part of the "Asia Flyway" project. The district of Meerut is also home to the Leopards, which is an indication of a healthy, eco-friendly environment.


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