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Famous radio presenter Ameen Sayani dies at the age of 91

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 21-02-2024
Famous radio presenter Ameen Sayani dies at the age of 91 Person in News 3 min read

India's well-known Radio Presenter Ameen Sayani has passed away at the age of 91. Confirming this, his son Rajil Sayani said that Amin Sayani breathed his last in the hospital on the night of 21 February 2024. Amin Sayani died due to heart failure.

Brief biography of Ameen Sayani:

  • Ameen Sayani was born on 21 December 1932 in Mumbai. Sayani's house was in Churchgate area of Mumbai.
  • His identity has been that of a Radio Celebrity.
  • Sayani gained immense popularity through his prestigious radio presentation 'Geetmala'. He was known for his charming voice and attractive style. His way of addressing the audience as 'Behno aur Bhaiyo’ still resonates in ears today.
  • Ameen Sayani played an important role in popularizing radio in India. He enthralled the audience with his wit, knowledge and charming presentation.
  • His voice is synonymous with the golden age of Indian radio. Sayani had a great sense of humor and was an excellent communicator and storyteller.
  • Sayani gained fame and popularity throughout the Indian subcontinent. Sayani presented Binaka Geetmala of hit songs on the broadcasts of Radio Ceylon and later Vividh Bharati.
  • Ameen Sayani was introduced to All India Radio in the then Bombay by his brother Hamid Sayani.
  • Initially Ameen presented English programmes there for ten years and later switched to Hindi programming.

Sayani conducted more than 54,000 radio programmes:

  • Sayani has produced and conducted over 54,000 radio programmes and 19,000 spots/jingles since 1951.
  • Sayani assisted her mother Kulsoom Sayani in editing, publishing and printing a fortnightly magazine for neo-literates under the instructions of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The fortnightly magazine, ‘Rahbar’ (1940 to 1960), was published simultaneously in Devanagari (Hindi), Urdu and Gujarati scripts.


Answer: Ameen Sayani was a famous radio presenter.

Answer: His way of addressing the audience as 'Behno aur Bhaiyo’ is famous even today.

Answer: Mumbai, Church Gate Mumbai
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