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Annual Mass Drug Administration Campaign to Eradicate Filariasis by UP

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-02-2024
Annual Mass Drug Administration Campaign to Eradicate Filariasis by UP Uttar Pradesh 4 min read

The Uttar Pradesh government will launch the annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign to eradicate filariasis diseases from February 5 to 15.

Annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign

  • The central government aims to eliminate filariasis from the country by 2027. Uttar Pradesh will launch an annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign to eliminate filariasis.
  • Under the mission to eradicate filariasis from the state, a campaign will be conducted in 17 districts of the state.
  • During the campaign, skilled health workers will go door-to-door and administer the medicine for prevention of filariasis to the entire population. 
    • With the exception of children under two years of age, pregnant women and people suffering from serious illnesses.
  • The Chief Minister has appealed to all the residents to actively participate in the campaign during the MDA round.
  • Symptoms of this serious disease caused by the bite of the Culex mosquito usually appear 5 to 15 years after infection. Symptoms of this disease are hydrocele and swelling of the limbs and breasts.
  • CM Yogi has also asked everyone to take part in the prevention and elimination of filariasis. 
  • Emphasizing on the safety of the medicine, he termed it as a social necessity and encouraged its consumption even in the absence of symptoms.
  • Furthermore, he also emphasized that once the disease occurs, the only recourse is to control its irreversible nature.
  • The government is firm on its commitment, providing training and kits for Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention (MMDP) of filariasis patients. 
  • Thus, taking preventive medication becomes mandatory to prevent the onset of the disease.
  • The Yogi government remains steadfast in its commitment to the mission of making the state filariasis free.
  • A key aspect of this initiative includes strict training of community health officers (CHOs) posted at Ayushman Bharat Arogya Mandir (Health and Wellness Centres) to identify filariasis patients.
  • The Ekikrit Niksha Diwas (END) is observed on 15th of every month in health units. It serves as an important platform for identification of patients with Tuberculosis, Kala-azar and Filaria.
  • As of June 2023, the state is battling 51 filariasis endemic districts, in which 90,768 lymphatic filariasis and 21,131 hydrocele patients have been identified.

About Filariasis

  • .Filaria is a disease caused by mosquito-borne parasitic infection.
  • Chronic infection can cause swelling in the feet and hands.
  • It is the second largest disease cause of permanent disfigurement and disability worldwide after leprosy. 
  • Lymphatic filariasis (LF) is currently a neglected tropical disease


Answer: Filariasis

Answer: 2027

Answer: Mosquito-borne parasite
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