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'White Paper' on Economic Mismanagement will be Presented

Utkarsh Classes 07-02-2024
'White Paper' on Economic Mismanagement will be Presented Economy 4 min read

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, led by Narendra Modi, plans to release a "White Paper" on the economic mismanagement that occurred in the country prior to 2014.

  • Before 2014 the incumbent government was led by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). The Budget session of Parliament has been extended by one day for this purpose.

What is White Paper?

  • White papers are documents that outline the government's proposed policies for future legislation. 
  • They are published as Command Papers and may include a draft version of a Bill that is being planned. 
  • This serves as a starting point for further discussions with interested or affected groups and allows for final changes to be made before the Bill is presented to Parliament.

India's white paper

  • The White Paper, which will be presented at the parliament next week, will shed light on India's economic difficulties during the UPA government and how it negatively impacted the economy. It will also discuss the positive steps that could have been taken at that time to alleviate the situation.
  • The main focus of the white paper will be on the mismanagement of the economy during the previous regime. 
  • The paper will provide further details on India's economic struggles and their detrimental effects on the economy. 
  • Additionally, it will highlight the benefits of taking constructive actions at that moment to improve the situation.

Advantage of white paper

  • One of the greatest advantages of the Such Policy instrument is that it allows the Union government to rise above amateur politics, where opposition to legislation is driven mainly by vested interests. 
  • If this policy gains momentum and support, it will be easier for the government to enact it swiftly and with ease. 
  • In a nutshell, in a democratic government, this policy instrument helps ensure that policies are people-centric rather than center-centric.

History of white paper

  • The term "white paper" was first used by the British government. The Churchill White Paper of 1922 is often cited as the earliest and most well-known example of a white paper. 

In the British government, a white paper is usually a shorter version of the more extensive "blue book." Both of these terms come from the color of the document cover.


Answer: White papers are documents that outline the government's proposed policies for future legislation.

Answer: Churchill White Paper
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