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Kishor Makwana becomes the Chairman of National SC Commission

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 12-03-2024
Kishor Makwana becomes the Chairman of National SC Commission Appointment 5 min read

On March 11, 2024, in New Delhi, Kishor Makwana officially took on the role of Chairman of the National Scheduled Castes Commission (NCSC).  Along with these, Luv Kush Kumar also took charge as member of NCSC on the same day.

  • Kishor Makwana was appointed by the President of India as the Chairman of the NCSC, Government of India.

About Kishor Makwana: 

  • Makwana has previously served as the joint spokesperson of the Gujarat unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
  • Makwana is also a journalist and columnist. Makwana has authored more than 33 books on various social topics. Here are some of the notable ones:
    • ‘Samajik Kranti na Mahanayak Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’
    • ‘Swami Vivekananda’
    • ‘Safalta no Mantra’
    • ‘Samar Nahin Samarasata’
    • ‘Krantiveer Birsa Munda’
    • ‘Yugpravratak Shivaji Maharaj’ etc.
  • Makwana has written 9 books on Dr. Ambedkar. Apart from this. He has translated and edited many books and his books have been translated into many languages of the country.

About National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC):

  • NCSC is a constitutional body. It was established to provide safeguards against exploitation of the Scheduled Castes (SC). Also, it has been done with the aim of promoting the social, educational, economic and cultural interests of SC.

Mention of NCSC in the Constitution:

  • Initially there was a provision in the Constitution for the appointment of a special officer under Article 338. The Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was appointed as the special officer.
  • Article 338 of the Constitution was amended by the 65th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1990. 
  • In place of the one-member system, a multi-member National Commission for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) was established.
  • Article 338 was amended by the 89th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2003. Also, the then National Commission for SC and ST was replaced by two commissions from the year 2004. Which were:
    • The National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) operates under the authority of Article 338.
    • The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) functions under the jurisdiction of Article 338A.

Structure of NCSC:

  • The NCSC consists of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and three additional members. In this way, NCSC has a total of five members including the Chairman.
  • The President appoints these posts.
  • Their conditions of service and tenure are also determined by the President.

Function of NCSC:

  • The task involves investigating and monitoring all issues pertaining to constitutional and legal protections for the Scheduled Castes (SC). It also evaluates their work.
  • To submit to the President annually and at such other times as he thinks fit, reports on the functioning of those security measures.
  • To investigate specific complaints relating to deprivation of rights and safeguards of SC.
  • To participate in the planning process of socio-economic development of SC. To advise and evaluate the progress of their development under the Union or State.
  • To make recommendations regarding measures to be taken by the Union or the State for the effective implementation of those safeguards as well as other measures for the protection, welfare and socio-economic development of SCs.

Till the year 2018, NCSC used to do similar work for Other Backward Classes also. The 102nd Amendment Act, 2018, relieved the NCSC of this responsibility.


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