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Government Issues Advisory To Social Media Platforms On Deepfakes

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 28-12-2023
Government Issues Advisory To Social Media Platforms On Deepfakes Bill and Act 4 min read

On December 26, 2023, the government asked all social media platforms to ensure that only content falling within the ambit of the IT Act is broadcasted on their platforms. If this is violated, then action will be taken against them.

Government issued advice for social media platforms:

  • The Ministry of Electronics and IT directed all intermediaries and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to follow the IT law. Under this, everyone has been asked to provide information to their users about the government's advisories in their local language.
  • After the increase in the circulation of deepfake videos made with the help of AI on social media platforms, the government had taken steps to stop it. Under which a meeting was also held with all the platforms last month. Based on the consensus reached in that meeting, formal advice has been given on 26 December 2023.

Instructions to social media platforms:

  • According to the IT Ministry, any type of false or misleading information cannot be posted on social media platforms under Rule 3 (1) B (five) of the IT Act.
  • It is the job of social media platforms to prevent users from posting wrong videos, messages or content. So that it does not cause harm to other users.
  • The platform will also inform users that if they do not follow the rules of the IT Act, action can be taken against them under the Indian Penal Code.
  • Under IT rules, if any wrong or misleading information is being broadcast on the platform, then it is the responsibility of the intermediaries or the platform to remove that content immediately.
  • Intermediaries will also have to take such measures so that users cannot post wrong content on the platform. If it is posted, then information about it will be available soon.
  • According to Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrashekhar, the implementation of the advisories issued by the government will be examined from January 2023. If necessary, changes can also be made to the IT rules.
  • Misinformation and deepfake videos created with the help of AI are dangerous for the safety of digital citizens. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed concern about deepfake videos during a program last month.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi had warned the country against deepfakes and posts on 17 November 2023.

Action under IT Rules 2021 for violation:

  • In case of violations in such a case, prompt action is taken within the time limit prescribed under the IT Rules 2021.
  • Under the IT Rules 2021, users are asked not to host or share such information/content/deepfakes.

Instructions to remove misleading content within 36 hours:

  • Any such controversial and misleading content or fact is directed to be removed within 36 hours of being reported.


Answer:- Within 36 hours

Answer:- Action under IT Rules 2021

Answer:- Broadcast of content falling within the scope of IT law.
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