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Delhi Police MTS Recruitment Exam 2023 Answer Key

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-12-2023
Delhi Police MTS Recruitment Exam 2023 Answer Key

The Delhi Police Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) examination is a crucial gateway for individuals aspiring to join the esteemed Delhi Police Force. Candidates eagerly await the release of the Delhi Police MTS answer key after the written test is over. The answer key is an important part of the exam that provides the correct answers to the questions asked in the exam. In this article, candidates can check the Delhi Police MTS answer key, including its benefits, challenges and importance. 

Delhi Police MTS Exam

The Delhi Police MTS exam is a highly competitive exam designed to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates seeking various roles within the Delhi Police Department. This examination covers various subjects, including general intelligence and reasoning, numerical aptitude, general awareness, and English comprehension. The exam structure is tailored to ensure that candidates' capabilities align with the multifaceted demands of their potential roles.



Exam Conducting Board

Delhi Police Department 

Number of Phases

Written and Trade Tests

Exam Date 

To be announced soon 

Marking Scheme

For correct answer = 1 mark

No negative marking

Official Website













Importance of the Answer Key

The Delhi Police MTS answer key is more than just a compilation of correct answers; it holds significant importance for candidates who have taken the exam. It acts as a guiding light that helps candidates navigate the post-examination phase by accessing the correct answers even before the official results are announced. Candidates can assess their performance and have a preliminary idea of their potential scores.

Benefits of the Answer Key

The Delhi Police MTS answer key extends several advantages to candidates. The answer key expedites the assessment process by allowing candidates to compare their attempted answers with the correct ones provided. With the correct answers in hand, candidates can calculate a rough estimate of their scores, providing insights into their potential success. The answer key highlights incorrect answers, allowing candidates to pinpoint their weak points and concentrate on strengthening them. Accessing the answer key mitigates the anxiety associated with awaiting official results by 

Accessing the Delhi Police MTS Answer Key

The process of accessing the Delhi Police MTS answer key has been made convenient. Candidates can download and check the answer key by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the SSC or Delhi Police Department's official websites to get the process started. This is where candidates can expect the latest updates regarding the MTS exam.

Step 2: Locate the designated section for “Answer Key” or “Examination Updates” on the official website. This is where the direct links to the answer keys are typically posted.

Step 3: Within the answer key section, candidates should select the link corresponding to the Delhi Police MTS exam and the specific question paper set they attempted.

Step 4: Upon selecting the appropriate link, candidates will be given the answer key on their screens. It is advisable to download and save the answer key for future reference and comparison.“Answer Key”

Challenge the Tentative Answer Key:

The answer key is undeniably valuable as it briefs about the expected score in the main examination. But still, candidates face a few challenges while using the answer key. These challenges include: 

The official answer key is usually accurate and not immune to errors. Candidates should exercise caution and await official results for confirmation.

Unofficial answer keys circulating through various sources may lack accuracy, making reliance on them alone ill-advised.

The Delhi Police MTS answer key emerges as an indispensable tool that empowers candidates to gauge their performance, anticipate their scores and commence preparations for subsequent phases of the selection process. 


No, there is generally a brief interval between the exam and the release of the official answer key. 

To check the answer key, candidates must visit the Delhi police department's official website. 

Yes, candidates can challenge the Delhi Police MTS answer key. They need to provide valid proof for it. 

No, the Delhi police mts answer key will be released on the official website of SSC and the Delhi police department. Candidates need to check the answer key online. 

By comparing their responses, candidates can estimate their scores using the correct answers in the answer key.

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