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Suman Kumari became the first female sniper of BSF

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Suman Kumari became the first female sniper of BSF Defence 5 min read

Suman Kumari achieved the 'Instructor Grade' upon completing an eight-week sniper course at CSWT, Indore, in March 2024. BSF Sub-Inspector Suman Kumari made history as the first woman sniper in the Border Security Force.

Suman fulfilled her dream with strong will power:

  • Suman is a determined woman and her will power to become a skilled sniper has taken her to this position.
  • Suman enrolled in the sniper course after observing the risk of cross-border sniper attacks while leading a platoon in Punjab. After seeing Suman's determination her superiors approved her participation in the course.
  • The Indian Army is adopting enabling policies to induct women officers and motivate them to join the army.
  • A trained sniper is specially trained to act in difficult situations while concealing her identity. Snipers are capable of hitting the enemy accurately from a distance of more than three kilometers.

Suman's achievement is an inspiration for women:

  • Suman was the only woman among 56 male counterparts to undergo the sniper course. This achievement of Suman will inspire other women to take up similar military roles. One of Suman's trainers said that she excelled during the sniper course where extreme physical and mental strength is required.
  • CSWT IG Bhaskar Singh Rawat said that after commando training, sniper course is one of the most difficult training. Rawat also praised Suman's achievement and said that she is now eligible to be posted as a sniper instructor.

Brief introduction of Suman Kumari:

  • Suman was born in an ordinary family in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Suman's father works as an electrician and her mother is a housewife. Suman joined BSF in the year 2021. Suman is also skilled in unarmed combat.

Indian Women in Defense Sector:

  • According to a data presented in the Lok Sabha in August 2023, a total of 11,414 women personnel are serving in the three services. Of these, the Indian Army has the highest number of 7,054. Women in the army are engaged in services like officer, medical, dental and nursing.

Prominent women in Indian Armed Forces who made the country proud:

  • Prerna Deosthali: Commander Prerna Deosthali is the first woman officer to command a warship of the Indian Navy, specifically the Western Fleet of the Indian Navy.
  • Deepika Mishra: Wing Commander Deepika Mishra became the first woman officer in the Indian Air Force to be honored with a gallantry award.
  • Shiva Chauhan: Captain Shiva Chauhan is a Fire and Fury Corps officer. She is the first woman officer to be actively deployed at 'Kumar Post', the highest battlefield of the Siachen Glacier.
  • Shaliza Dhami: In 2023, Group Captain Shaliza Dhami is the first woman Air Force officer to command a frontline combat unit. He was selected to lead the missile squadron in the western sector.
  • Avani Chaturvedi: Avani Chaturvedi has the distinction of becoming the country's first woman fighter pilot. Avni became the first woman to successfully participate in air combat training in January 2023.


Answer: Suman Kumari

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Wing Commander Deepika Mishra is the first woman officer to be awarded the gallantry award in the Indian Air Force.

Answer: Group Captain Shaliza Dhami is the first woman Air Force officer to command a frontline combat unit.
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