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India’s Ecommerce Market will be World’s Third Largest by 2030

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 29-04-2024
India’s Ecommerce Market will be World’s Third Largest by 2030 Report 3 min read

Invest India has forecasted a bright future for India's e-commerce industry, predicting a massive surge to $325 billion by 2030. This growth coincides with a digital economy expected to reach a staggering $800 billion in the same timeframe.

  • According to Invest India, India has the world's second-largest internet user base, with a whopping 881 million users. India is in a good position to become the third-largest online retail market by 2030. 
  • The report suggests that this will happen due to the growth of the internet user base and the flourishing digital economy. According to the report, India is expected to have around 500 million online shoppers by 2030. 

Reasons for growth 

1. Soaring Internet Access: Invest India highlights the rising internet penetration, with an expected 87% of Indian households having internet access by 2025. Mobile internet usage is particularly strong, with a significant increase in access duration.

2. Growing Online Shopper Base: The number of online shoppers is projected to climb, with a strong growth rate in both rural and urban areas.

3. Affordable Data Prices: India's incredibly affordable data plans are a major driver, bringing more people online and fueling e-commerce adoption.

  • The report also explores other key drivers of this e-commerce boom, including rising smartphone usage, the dominance of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in digital transactions, and the increasing availability of local language content.
  • Invest India's report highlights the increasing significance of rural e-commerce by 2026, with a significant portion of demand likely to come from tier 2-4 towns and rural areas. This trend is supported by government initiatives and the rise of quick commerce. 
  • The report presents a vision of India's transformation into a global e-commerce powerhouse by 2030, driven by a growing internet user base, affordable data access, and a supportive digital infrastructure.

Invest India is the national agency that helps investors find opportunities in India.


Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, is the process of buying and selling goods and services, and exchanging funds and data using the internet. 

Type of e-commerce transactions exist: 

  • Business-to-business (B2B)
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) 
  • Consumer-to-consumer 
  • Consumer-to-business


Answer: World’s third largest

Answer: $325 billion
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