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GI Tag registration in India crosses 600, UP tops the List

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 06-04-2024
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The number of geographical indications (GI) registered products in India has crossed 600, with Uttar Pradesh leading the list with 69 products. Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the highest number of products with GI tags from a single geographical location. Varanasi has 30 certified products like Banaras Thandai, Banaras Shehnai, Banaras Tabla, Banaras Lal Peda, Banaras Mural Painting etc.

According to Unnat P Pandit, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM), the total number of Indian products granted GI Tag as of 31 March 2024 is 635.

Of the 1,158 applications filed over the past 20 years with the patent office, 635 are now GI-registered.

According to the patent office, recently famed Hyderabad Lac bangles got GI certification. Also, Telengan’s famed  Warangal Chapata chili, Balanagar custard apple, Nalgonda oriental pickling melon (Dosakai), Nizamabad turmeric and Kollapur mangoes from Nagarkurnool district are under the GI registration process.

A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products with a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation due to that origin.

Record GI Registration in 2023-24

During 2023-24, 160 products were granted GI tags by the patent office, a 300 per cent growth compared to 2022-23. Out of the 160 products that were granted GI tags, as many as 63 GI tags were granted on 30 March 2024.

Products granted Maximum GI tag during 2023-24

Out of 160 products which were granted GI tags, the maximum was from

  • Handicrafts -30 products 
  • Agriculture -16 products 
  • Textiles -11 products 
  • Manufactured and Food Stuff - 3 products each.

State-leading GI tag registration in 2023-24 

During 2023-24  out of the 160 products that got GI tag registration, the maximum number of products were from the following states.

Uttar Pradesh - 69

Tamil Nadu -58

Last year, Tamil Nadu was the leading state in GI tag registration.

Record GI registration in March 2024

According to the patent office, this year, a record 63 GI tag was issued on a single day on 30 March 2024. The maximum number of products to be granted GI tags was from 

  • Assam - 19 products 
  • Uttar Pradesh- 16
  • Maharashtra- 16 
  • Gujarat -5
  • Meghalaya -4 
  • Tripura -2 

Geographical Indication Tag 

A Geographical Indication tag is given to agricultural, natural or manufactured goods that originate from a definite territory. The products shall be manufactured or produced in the identified territory and shall have the special quality, reputation or other characteristic of the region.

The GI tag on a product provides legal protection for the product. It prevents the unauthorised use of a Registered Geographical Indication by others.

Parliament passed the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act in India in 1999.

The Controller General of Patents, Designs, and TradeMarks is the Registrar of Geographical Indications. 

The Geographical Indications Registry is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The first product to be given a GI tag was Darjeeling tea in 2003.


Answer: Darjeeling tea in 2003.

Answer: Uttar Pradesh 69 products.

Answer: Varanasi, 30 products

Answer: Chennai

Answer: A record 63 GI Tags were issued on 30 March 2024

Answer: 160 products
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