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Delhi University Ranked 220th In The ‘QS Sustainability Ranking’ 2024

Utkarsh Classes 26-12-2023
Delhi University Ranked 220th In The ‘QS Sustainability Ranking’ 2024 Report 5 min read

Delhi University (DU) has been ranked 220th globally in the QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 announced in December 2023. In this ranking, DU has achieved this position leaving all the IITs of the country behind. Thus, DU is the top Indian university in the QS Sustainability Ranking 2024. The QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 include 1,397 institutions from 95 countries.

  • In the last two years, DU has taken unprecedented steps in the field of research, good governance and knowledge exchange.
  • Delhi University has scored 73.4 percent out of 100 in the ranking. The QS Sustainability Ranking evaluates institutions based on nine parameters. The marks (out of 100) obtained by Delhi University on the basis of these nine parameters are as follows:
    • Environmental Education : 91.8
    • Environmental Sustainability : 66.7
    • Environmental Research 64.5
    • Exchange of education : 90.8
    • Similarity :- 62.6
    • Employment and its results : 55.3
    • Effect of education : 55
    • Health : 57.9
    • Good Governance : 87.3 

16th rank worldwide in Environmental Education:

  • Delhi University has secured 16th rank globally in environmental education.
  • In DU Environment, Sustainability Reporting, Development of Sustainable Plan, and Environmental Impact Assessment courses are being taught in graduation.
  • Whereas in postgraduate courses, courses like Environmental Studies, Towards a Sustainable World are being taught.
  • DU has got 66th rank in environmental sustainability. For this, DU has paid attention to the plantation.
  • Special attention has been given to greenery. Apart from this, work is going on to set up sewage treatment plants and waste-to-energy plants for e-waste management and disposal of filth. Which will also be completed by 2024.
  • A lot of e-waste is generated in the university. Policies and guidelines have been decided for its disposal. DU is addressing the disposal of a significant amount of tree-leaf waste.

Indian Institutions Ranking in QS Sustainability Ranking 2024:

  • Delhi University:- 220
  • IIT Bombay:- 303
  • IIT Madras:- 344
  • IIT Kharagpur:- 349
  • IIT Roorkee:- 387
  • IIT Delhi:- 426
  • This time, there is no Indian university in the world’s top 200 ranking.

DU doubled research work in one year:

  • Earlier, 600 to 700 research work were done in DU in a year. Now, these have been increased to 1300. More research work is being done in the environment, botany, biology, chemistry etc.

Initiatives being taken to accelerate research work in DU:

  • To speed up the research work, DU has purchased a Temic (High Resolution Transmission) machine. This is saving a lot of time in research work. Earlier, one had to go out for this.
  • Electron microscope has also been purchased. This has made research work easier.
  • The Research Project Scheme has been brought by DU teachers.
  • Those who do good research work are being given a prize of Rs 5 lakh. So far, 22 people have been given the award.

World's Top Universities in QS Sustainability Rankings 2024:

  • The QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 include approximately 1,400 universities from around the world. According to the ranking, the University of Toronto in Canada ranks first in the list.
    • University of Toronto
    • University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 
    • University of Manchester


Answer:- University of Toronto in Canada

Answer:- Delhi University at 220th place

Answer:- This time, there is no Indian university in the first top 200 rank.

Answer:-IIT Bombay Ranking - 303
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