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BHU is creating North India's first human DNA Bank

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 31-01-2024
BHU is creating North India's first human DNA Bank Health and Disease 8 min read

North India's first human DNA bank is being set up at Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The Automated DNA Extractor Machine has been installed in the Gnyaneshwar Lab of the Zoology Department of BHU on January 30 2024.

About Automated DNA Extractor Machine:

  • These machines are completely indigenous to Make in India. It has been made in such a way that the minimum plastic is used in it, so that there is no harm to the environment.
  • With this machine, DNA can be extracted from any biological material, like blood, saliva, hair or tissue.
  • With its help, DNA can be separated from about 32 samples at one time in 30 minutes.
  • A three-day conference on Personalised Medicine was organised by the Department of Zoology of BHU and Adnet Society, Hyderabad, in March 2023.
  • 21 famous scientists from 15 countries had reached this conference. On a suggestion from this conference, a human DNA bank has been established at BHU.
  • In the same conference, it was decided that BHU is fully prepared to create a genome bank like the country of Estonia.

Complete medical history will be visible with a single click:

  • Through this, the medical history details of every person will be available to the doctors with a single click. It is only during marriage that we can be warned about diseases occurring in the coming generations. It will take a long time to prepare the bank.

The data for 20 percent of the people in the Estonian model:

  • A genome bank was opened in the European country of Estonia during the year 2000. In this, samples and data from 20 percent of the public are available.
  • If a patient goes to a doctor, his medical history of 20 years is revealed.
  • It is known which disease he suffered from and which medicine was given. Its details are available in the Genome Bank.
  • If a medicine does not work in Estonia, then how will it work in a country like India? Therefore, it is very important to have a genome bank in India. This will bring about a big change in the field of health.
  • Even in America, there is no genome bank bigger than that of Estonia.

Genes are the key to life:

  • The complete genome sequence of an animal can be ascertained through a genome bank. Genes are the key to our lives. The way we look and act is largely determined by the subtle genes hidden in our bodies.
  • Not only this, but genes also indicate human history and future. Gene scientists say that once the structure of all the genes of the human race is known, it will be possible to predict all the biological events and physical characteristics of a human being on the basis of his genetic horoscope.

Objectives of Establishing a Human DNA Bank:

  • The main objective of establishing a human DNA bank is to collect about 50 thousand samples from different castes and tribes. This will take at least five years. In the next phase, DNA data from these samples can also be made available.

What will be the benefit of this?

  • Through this, it will be easier to understand the impact of any future epidemic on people.
  • This will make DNA available for gene-based study of hereditary diseases arising due to the prevalent endogamy system in India.
  • This DNA bank will also become an effective basis for personalised medicine in the future.
  • This will make it easier to understand the impact of future pandemics. With this, genetic studies can also be done looking at various diseases.
  • Identification of the person in specific cases will become easier on the basis of the database obtained from the Human Genome Project. The suspected criminal can be caught on the basis of his DNA. The biggest benefit of Genome Bank will be in the medical field.
  • Earlier, it took many years to discover a gene associated with a disease. If the bank is opened, such genes can soon be detected through genome sequencing.
  • So far, genes for thirty diseases have been detected through genome sequence. Among these, Tar-Sachs syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Harrington's disease etc. are prominent. Pre-assessment of genetic diseases, disease screening, gene therapy methods and drug control methods will also be available.

Creation of the first DNA bank for wildlife:

  • The construction of the first DNA bank for wildlife in northern India is nearing completion. Scientists of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Bareilly, are creating a bank in which DNA samples of all wild animals will be collected.
  • It is expected from this bank that, along with providing assistance to scientists in their research work, it will also reduce the hunting of wild animals.
  • At present, Lacones Laboratory in Hyderabad is the only place in the country where this type of facility is available for the conservation of endangered species.


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Answer:- Bareilly
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