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Bharat 6G Alliance and NextG Alliance sign agreement for cooperation

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 08-01-2024
Bharat 6G Alliance and NextG Alliance sign agreement for cooperation Agreements 3 min read

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Bharat 6G Alliance and NextG Alliance, an initiative of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), to explore opportunities for collaboration on 6G wireless technologies in India and other parts of the world.

The MoU was signed by NG Subramaniam, President, Bharat 6G Alliance, and Susan Miller, President and CEO, NextG Alliance, ATIS.

  • The MOU will facilitate aligning research and development priorities that support a common 6G approach and create secure and reliable telecommunications as well as resilient supply chains.
  • Speaking on the occasion, NG Subramaniam said that India has a vision of empowerment of the society at large and the next generation 6G will further enhance the quality of life.
  • The objective of the alliance is to promote an ecosystem for research, design, development, field testing, security, certification and manufacturing of telecom products and solutions.

6G Technology:

  • 6G technology is being considered as the successor of 5G technology.
  • In the context of 6G, it is being speculated that 6G technology will provide hundred times faster speed, higher reliability and wider connectivity as compared to 5G technology.
  • 6G technology is envisioned to enable new applications and services such as quantum internet, holographic communications, brain-computer interfaces and artificial intelligence.
  • Holographic communications in 6G refers to the transmission and display of 3D holographic images in real time, enabling immersive as well as lifelike communication experiences.

Bharat 6G Alliance (B6GA):

  • B6GA is a collaborative platform comprising public and private companies, academicians, research institutes and standards development organisations.
  • The Alliance will establish partnerships and synergy with other global alliances on 6G technology to facilitate international collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Its primary objective is to understand the commercial and societal needs of 6G technology, foster consensus, and pursue high-impact R&D planning.

Benefits of B6GA:

  • B6GA will help India develop and adopt 6G technology, which will have wide-ranging impacts on the economy, society and environment.
  • This will also help India leverage its strengths in software, hardware and manufacturing sectors.


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