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Bumper Vacancies To Be Filled In Education Department in 100 Days

Utkarsh Classes 25-12-2023
Bumper Vacancies To Be Filled In Education Department in 100 Days

In just 100 days, Rajasthan's Education Department aims to make schools much better! They have a big plan to do this. There are a lot of job openings in schools—around 1 lakh! They want to hire teachers for different subjects. They've split the work into smaller parts to do it quickly. In 30, 60, and 90 days, they plan to recruit lots of teachers. 

Already, they're working on hiring 12,000 teachers, which should be done in 90 days. The board has decided to form a committee to resolve the problems of contractual teachers and also make a transparent policy for the transfer of teachers. The board will set up an online management to get admission into Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School. The board has decided to fill all the vacancies of the Education Department within 1 year. 

100 Days Work Plan Notice

Promotions for Teachers

Teachers wanted a fair way to change schools, and now the government plans to do that in just 30 days. They're also making it easier to apply to some special schools in 60 days. Teachers who've been waiting for promotions might get good news! Around 30,000 teachers might get a promotion within 100 days. This plan is a big deal because it could make schools better and help teachers too. If it works, it might also fill a lot of job openings in schools, making education in Rajasthan much better.

This comprehensive approach by Rajasthan's Education Department is poised to redefine educational paradigms, creating a more conducive and enriched learning environment for students while bolstering the professional growth and welfare of educators. If successfully executed, this strategic plan is set to significantly reduce the existing one lakh vacant posts, fostering a brighter future for education in the state.

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