How can I see live classes on the app? Where can I find the schedule of the live classes?
I am not able to see or post comments in the live chat box during the live class. What to do?
Whenever I click on any live class, it shows that “Video playback has failed “. Why is it so?
What if I have missed any live class? Can I watch it later?
Latest live classes are not showing to me in the live classes section. What to do?
Two live classes are going on simultaneously in my course. How can I watch both the live classes?
I missed a live class. Now where can I see the recorded video of such live class?
Video is not available in lower quality like 144 p and 360 p during the live class or after that. What to do?
How can I download the video?
Where can I find downloaded videos?
If I log out of my device. Will the videos be removed from my app storage?
A lot of data is consumed in watching videos on the App. What is the solution?
I have an issue with a particular video or live class video. What to do?
I have doubt regarding a particular topic during the live class or related to a recorded class.

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