How to purchase online course on the utkarsh app?
I have purchased a course on the utkarsh App but it has not been added to my app library or still the buy now option is showing to me on the app.
I am an iOS user and the option to purchase a course is not available on my Utkarsh App.
I have made payment for purchasing a course twice by mistake. How can I get refund in such case?
I have purchased two courses on a single mobile number. Can I get any of these courses transferred to any other mobile number ?
Can I purchase more than one courses on a single mobile number ?
Can I purchase subject wise courses on the utkarsh app ?
How can I avail the facility of free course available on the utkarsh app ?
I have enrolled myself for an offline batch of Utkarsh classes. Will I get free online course for that course ?
How can I get refund for any particular course ?
What are the payment methods available to purchase a course on the Utkarsh App ?
Once purchased, what is the validity of the course ?
If an online students want to join offline class so will he / she has to pay full fee again ?

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