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IIT Jodhpur, Kanpur and Palakkad Designed a Drone looks like Submarine

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IIT Jodhpur, Kanpur and Palakkad Designed a Drone looks like Submarine Rajasthan 4 min read

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Kanpur and Palakkad have created a new system for a hybrid unmanned vehicle that can operate both underwater and in the air. 

  • These vehicles are useful for tasks such as mapping oil spills on beaches, rivers, or underwater erosion and pollution dispersion.
  • The researchers were inspired by a bird species called Anhingas, which can move both on land and underwater. They used this inspiration to develop a 3D-printed prototype with waterproofing and various components. They tested the prototype for aerial, water surface and underwater maneuvering using Remote Control (RC) transmission.
  • By developing a sound mathematical system to operate these vehicles, the research team aims to make them more efficient and better suited to tasks such as lifeguard rescue efforts and underwater and aerial photography. The team presented their work at AIR '23, Proceedings of the 2023 6th International Conference on Advances in Robotics.
  • The prototype, with the proposed algorithm, is capable of performing six maneuvers for smooth transitions between water and air, even in uncertain environments. This research will improve the capabilities and efficiency of these hybrid vehicles. 

Its mains role is: 

  • Surfacing from Underwater
  • Dive from Air to Underwater
  • Landing from Air to Water Surface
  • Take off from Underwater to Air
  • Dive from Water's Surface to the Underwater
  • Take off from Water Surface

About Drone

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems, which are flying robots usually controlled by remotes or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. They use onboard sensors and a GPS to navigate.

Initially, drones were used mainly for military purposes such as anti-aircraft target practice, intelligence gathering and weapons platforms.

Uses of Drones

personal use

  • search and rescue
  • surveillance
  • weather monitoring
  • traffic monitoring
  • videography
  • firefighting
  • drone-based photography
  • agriculture
  • delivery services

Working of Drones

Drones have two main functions: flying and navigation. 

To fly, drones need a power source, like a battery or fuel and they have rotors, propellers and a frame. Typically, the frame is made of lightweight materials to make it easier to maneuver. 

A drone is operated with a controller, which allows the operator to use remote controls. Remote controls help to launch, navigate, and land the aircraft. Controllers are communicated with the drone by using radio waves, such as Wi-Fi.


Answer: IIT Jodhpur, Kanpur and Palakkad

Answer: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
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