With the change of time, everything got changed even including the style of demanding justice and administrating justice. The level of competition in judicial service examination has been changed dramatically and limitlessly, BUT unfortunately the style of teaching education of law has still remains same like reading and translating bare act language or compel the learner to cram the sections of act. And consequently, various state judicial posts remain unfulfilled in judicial recruitment due to lack of qualified candidate.

Taking a serious note of falling standard of judicial education, first time in the history of judicial education of nation, the Utkarsh (i.e. established proof of quality education) hereby start its most demanding segment for Judicial Exam Preparation and give promise not only for making the candidate self-cognizant with Bare Act’s Sections but also for long lasting application of such legal provision in mind (i.e. “DON’T CRAM SECTIONS, RATHER MAKE THEM SELF-COGNIZANT”) by unprecedented Linking method of law with video-Graphical approached by the Qualified and Energetic Faculties, where the whole responsibility of candidate educational need from Preliminary examination to Interview shall lies on the shoulders of UTKARSH LAW CLASSES.



UTKARSH has been a perfect destination for the IAS/RAS aspirants and for all the Rajasthan related government exams for over a decade. Besides giving so many selections in Different government jobs, UTKARSH puts it with great pride that 1000 plus candidates have been selected in RAS which includes three Toppers over a period of last one decade.Inspired by great number of selections in RAS, the chairman of UTKARSH Nirmal Gehlot always thought to make UTKARSH a centre of Judicial Services aspirants. Having done a comprehensive research and foundational work, he started UTKARSH Law Channel with a unique vision to pull up the statistics of the English/Hindi Medium aspirants in Judicial Services Examinations. Aspiring students from all corners of the country are choosing UTKARSH classes for civil services preparations.

In recent years, the practice of law has become more focused on the scientific approach. It gives us immense pleasure to state that we at Utkarsh Law Classes will be presenting in front of you a unique way of teaching legal science. An amalgamation of practicing law as an art and understanding law with scientific method.

UTKARSH has established its Digital Chroma Studios at three centres, viz; Jodhpur, Jaipur and Delhi for enhancing the knowledge base of our aspirants through digital revolution.

UTKARSH is proud of its best faculties and unique way of its teaching which makes it stand tall among other institutes backed by 18 years of legacy. UTKARSH’s mobile app keeps updating useful information’s for the students. Here, it is ensured that Reasoning & Analytical power of a student is developed to bring sharpness in decision making.

Intermittent test series helps the students in fair evaluation and further strategy formation. The popularity of UTKARSH classes is setting new milestones every other day. UTKARSH very frequently organises motivational seminars for aspirants to keep them in a high spirits. UTKARSH coaching is also known for its innovations in education and meticulous research for up-gradation.

The best brains of India are on our panel to keep a track on record. So, if you really aspire to become Judge/Magistrate/ADJ with all authority and attributes, UTKARSH would be the last resort.

Presenting you with the most important points which will help you to understand how we are going to furnish the students’ knowledge:-

  • 24×7 availability of class room recorded Video lectures (with PDF).
  • Diagrammatic and Tabular teaching techniques to understand law in productive manner.
  • Video Clip based teaching techniques.
  • Personal Counseling (one to one) with Judicial Officer (Retd.) to boost energy for achieving dream to become judge (once in a month , no additional cost).
  • Group Discussion on Law subject (once in a week).
  • Story based style of teaching law.
  • Moot Court Rehearsal of Trial and Hearing.
  • Unprecedented LINKING METHOD to study bare act.
In light of Pandameic COVID-19, we are offering ONLINE CLASSES for students from 20TH of MARCH onwards. DOWNLOAD NOW