NEET 2021: Final Stage of Preparation

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  • Aug 17, 2021
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NEET 2021: Final Stage of Preparation

Students have less than a month gap left for NEET 2021 exam. Important information related to this exam such as form filling date, last date, syllabus, exam date etc. has already been made available.

In today’s article, the focus will be on how to utilize this time for NEET 2021 preparation?

Reading is not the only preparation in this last month. But how to keep the body healthy? How to avoid stress? How to make a proper routine and follow it? These things are also included in the preparation for the exam. Let us know how these following points are helpful for preparing for the exam in less time –

Make a Checklist:

At this time of the exam, NEET students have already completed their syllabus. But many times the topic is missed and the students busy in preparation do not even know about it. Therefore, in such a situation, it is advised by the academicians that you make a checklist and check that any topic has not been missed. This helps you to read the missed topics. You can also add the names of difficult topics in this checklist. So that those topics can be revised on time.

Focus on revision:

Once the syllabus is completed, you should give time to revision before the exam. Good revision can help students easily crack the exam. Every topic can be revised, so choose a chapter or topic according to every day. You have to keep in mind the time limit to re-read the syllabus completely.

Take a break from time to time:

Just like continuous work causes fatigue in the body. Similarly, a continuous study has an effect on the brain. Therefore, while studying, keep taking breaks from time to time to give rest to the mind and body. Students who study taking breaks are better prepared than students who study continuously. Take short breaks as per your convenience.

Understand the importance of mock tests:

Mock tests play a vital role in the preparation of any exam. Practising mock tests complete with questions of your exam level helps you a lot to improve your rank along with selection. Giving mock tests increases your question paper solving speed. This gives you practical knowledge to solve the topic wise questions according to the time limit of the exam.

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