A Step by Step Guide on How to Take Notes Effectively

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  • Jan 07, 2021
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A Step by Step Guide on How to Take Notes Effectively

Regardless of whether you need to succeed in school or you need to be on the top of your profession or academics, powerful note-taking is a significant aptitude for holding and reviewing data. Taking notes is one of the most effective ways of retaining information and understanding it well. Taking notes helps you with revising what has been taught in the class and ensures that you don’t miss out on anything while revising. We all take notes, are you doing it the right way? Here we are presenting you with the most efficient methods to take effective notes.  On the off chance that you follow these basic advances and tips, you won’t just figure out how to take notes; you’ll figure out how to take notes more adequately which will assist you with applying information and retain the information better.

Be Prepared

The first thing you need on a battlefield is your weaponry; Similarly, the foremost thing you’d need for preparing notes is your stationery. Make sure you have proper notepads or notebooks and pens that are comfortable to write with. 

Be an active listener

Do not mindlessly note down everything that is being spoken without understanding what is being said. The main aim of making the notes is to absorb the zest of what is being said and preserve it. Focus on what is being said and raise questions if you have any problems in understanding it.

Take notes by hand

Although it is very much convenient to take notes by typing but writing the notes by your hand can help you much more in the longer run. As per many pieces of research, you retain information better when you are writing it by hand.

Focus on Keywords

Identify the most relevant information and try to note it down in a language that can be easily understood by you later when you read it. Write important keywords such as names, dates, numbers, etc. which are more prone to be forgotten. 

Prioritize new information

Don’t waste time on writing information that you are already aware of and focus on noting down things that you didn’t know. This will increase the informational value of your notes while decreasing your efforts.

Use the Question/Answer Method

A very effective way to take notes is to make them more engaging. Rather than simply noting down what is being said, understand the concept and frame relevant questions from the topic, and fill in the answers. You can support your answer with evidence or by pointing at certain examples. 

Use Shorthand

As we say, it is easier said than done; similarly, it is easier spoken than written. You can’t match the speaker’s speed of speaking; therefore, it is much more practical to use shorthand rather than writing complete words. You can use acronyms, symbols, and shortened words to increase your speed of writing. 

Color-code your notes

Colours stimulate the creative side of your brain, thereby increasing your retention. Colour coding helps you link information to particular colours so that you can remember it more easily. Forex., you can write dates with red, names with blue, etc. so that you can easily identify information while revising.

Use Apps that support Notes

There are many mobile apps where you can make notes within the app, which helps you keep all your study material in one place. This makes it easier to revise later on. 

Benefit from the Utkarsh App

Utkarsh App has created a revolution in competition exam preparation. It is a top-notch mobile app that helps the study with effective preparation of competitive exams. It has many unique features that help the students in cracking the exam that they are targeting. It also has many features that can help such students in effective note-making.

Highlight Your Notes

Utkarsh App has a unique feature that allows you to highlight the text within your e-notes. This way you can mark the text which you feel is important or you have doubt in. This is a very useful feature as it simplifies the process of revision to a great extent.

Add Important Points to Your Notes

Many times, students want to add their personal remarks in the notes so that they can understand them well the next time they read it. This feature is available in the E-Notes in Utkarsh App. The students can select any text from the notes and add their personal point to it within the app.

Make Flashcards from Your Notes 

Flashcards are proven as one of the most effective ways of revision. These flashcards help you to speed up the revision process. The students get the provision of creating their own flashcards from the highlighted text and use it for revising later on.

View the Notes in Night Mode

Most of the students prefer to study at night because of the peace and silence available at that time. However, it is not feasible for students to take the strain of the mobile screen on their eyes at night. To fix this issue, the Utkarsh Mobile App has a night mode feature that eases night studies for students.

Web search from the Notes

It is natural that the students get certain doubts and queries while reading from the notes. Now, rather than opening the browser, then typing your query, and then searching for it, Utkarsh App allows you to search any keyword from the app itself.

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