Utkarsh Classes

The dawn of Sept, 13, 2002 witnessed the onset of a new institute, Utkarsh Classes founded by Shri Nirmal Gehlot.

It was the concern of Shri Nirmal Gehlot that no student should be deprived of quality preparation due to lack of resources or any other limitation.

Initially started with a single room class, today, Utkarsh Classes has numerous classes and thousands of students who had pursued and who are pursuing their goals and had achieved phenomenal success under the able guidance of Utkarsh Classes.

Apart from imparting high class education, Utkarsh Classes had also been contributing for the social cause by offering free education to under privileged and weaker section.

As a CSR initiative, Utkarsh Classes has always stood ahead and had offered help to all during flood relief and many other such social calamities.

Organising of huge blood donation camps, offering of ambulances and many such activities are the integral part of CSR regime of Utkarsh Classes.

The pursuit of excellence led Utkarsh Classes to a point, when Utkarsh Classes created the very first of it’s kind in entire Rajasthan, a Digital Chroma Studio in Jodhpur on 13th , June, 2017 which revolutionized the concept of online and digital education.


Prominent experts and specialists, by the help of this Chroma Studio has successfully educated millions of students and has broken the myth that distance is the barrier for high class education.

The digital content in the form of educational videos and live classes on YouTube and Facebook had benefited all those students who wished education and learning at their own doorsteps.

This concept of digital education was taken to yet another level by Utkarsh Classes by launching it’s highly interactive android app, e-Utkarsh which has so far served millions of students.

Recently Utkarsh has opened its offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and Jaipur to benefit more and more aspirants of competitive exams.

The enormous success of Utkarsh Classes in RAS preparation and huge number of successful candidates prompted Utkarsh Classes to venture into yet another milestone, Utkarsh IAS, another arm of Utkarsh Classes dedicated for UPSC services aspirants.

ias_seminar utkarsh classes

This long journey described in short is all set to create new benchmarks and soon will be serving the education aspirants of the entire nation.

Jai Hind  Jai Bharat.